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Does Ovarian Endometriosis Increase Oocyte Sensitivity to ICSI-Induced Mechanical Damage?

  Carlotta Scarafia, Martina Masciovecchio, Stefano Canosa, Andrea Roberto Carosso, Gianluca Gennarelli, Alberto Revelli, Chiara Benedetto   J Clin Med . 2021 Apr 18;10(8):1757. doi: 10.3390/jcm10081757.   Abstract   Some studies have shown that ICSI obtains poorer results than conventional IVF in women with ovarian endometriosis, suggesting that oocytes could be sensitive to ICSI-induced mechanical damage. The aims of this study were to clarify (a) whether ovarian endometriosis could induce peculiar fragility in the oocyte, so that ICSI would finally result harmful, and (b) whether endometrioma removal before IVF could be advisable in order to avoid any hypothetical detrimental effect. We retrospectively studied 368 women, 203 with in situ endometrioma (128 of which underwent ICSI, 75 conventional IVF) and 164 who received laparoscopic stripping of endometrioma before ICSI. For women with in situ endometrioma, cIVF and ICSI outcome was comparable for all parameters studied, including the clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer (PR/ET: 31.8% vs. 39.5% in the cIVF and ICSI groups) and cumulative live birth rate per ovum pick-up (CLBR/OPU: 24.4% vs. 27.7%). ICSI outcome was similar comparing women with in situ endometrioma and women previously submitted to laparoscopic stripping of cysts (CLPR/OPU 27.7% vs. 25.3%). Our findings suggest that (a) in women with in situ endometrioma ICSI may be performed, when needed, without harming oocytes and compromising the outcome and (b) that there is no advantage in removing endometrioma before ICSI.

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